How to Choose Line Marking Machines

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Line marking machines are a good investment for any rental property owner or for any factory or commercial facility, where you may need to consistently touch up the lines in the parking lot or even inside the facility, on a cement floor. Having the right machine can make quick work of this job, without having to go through cans of aerosol paint or struggling to apply the paint in an even thickness and width. When you're ready to invest in line marking machines for your company, note a few quick tips on how to make the best choice. 

1. Spray jet markers

If you need to paint lines over grass or any type of bumpy surface, a spray jet marker can be the best choice. This marker sprays a type of paint over the surface without actually touching it. This can keep the machine from getting wet or dirty when dragged along grass, and from getting damaged due to being run along rough surface like asphalt. The spray jet also allows you to create a steady and even line that won't become jagged or otherwise uneven due to the texture of the grass or asphalt.

2. Dry line markers

These machines are very affordable and very basic. They deliver a type of powder through a nozzle as you wheel the machine over a surface. The powder is typically sticky so it will adhere to surfaces like a paint, and it may be used on grass, such as when marking a playing field or marking off lines for landscaping, fences, and the like. If using  a dry line marker, you need to remember that you are guiding the machine completely, so it's not unusual to have an uneven line created by those not experienced in keeping the machine steady. If you need a perfectly level and even line, you'll need to first create a guideline with rope or twine.

3. Thermoplastic markers

A thermoplastic marker creates high heat that is used to literally melt a plastic stencil to a surface. This type of stencil is used in high traffic areas where standard paint might be more likely to chip or get damaged. The thermoplastic marker makes it easier to apply this type of stencil, as applying it by hand usually requires the use of a heat source such as a gas torch. The thermoplastic marker is safer and more comfortable for the user, and the heat source is contained in the marker so there is less risk of damage to the surrounding environment.


9 May 2016

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