Understanding the Various Techniques Involved with Hydroponics

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Hydroponics involves growing different types of plants without the use soil. One may wonder the kind of magic that takes place in order to grow crops in the absence of soil. Hydro generally stands for water while ponos refers to work. This description indicates that the process is highly efficient when it comes to plant cultivation. Hydroponic cultivation is generally conducted in a greenhouse, especially when handling commercial produce. The greenhouse environment has controlled light and humidity levels and can be used to produce various crops such as salad crops, sweet potatoes, melons, peppers, chilies, cucumbers, tomatoes, French beans, onions, lettuce and many other vegetables. Below is an explanation of the various techniques involved in hydroponics.

Ebb and Flow Technique

The ebb and flow hydroponic technique involves having plants flooded with a nutrient-rich solution for about 15 minutes every hour. The nutrient solution in this case must be subsequently drained from the growing section, and the roots of the crops are then exposed to fresh oxygen before allowing the solution to flood the roots again again. The system can be employed for various types of crops and is one of the most preferred methods for hydroponic home gardeners.

Drip Technique

This system is a timed process that provides the plants with a nutrient solution using an overhead pipe. The drip method is preferred by most commercial hydroponic farmers for the growth of long-term crops like cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers.

Passive Technique

The passive technique does not involve any timers or pumps to supply the crops with the nutrient solution. This system ensures continuous access to the nutrient solution by the roots of the crops. The major drawback of this method is that the crops have access to a smaller amount of oxygen, which is an essential gas. A remedy to this would be the placement of an air pump in the reservoir of the nutrient solution.

The Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

Unlike other methods like drip and ebb and flow, this system does not involve any growth medium for the crops. The roots of the crops are constantly flooded with a nutrient solution on a regular basis and at specified intervals. The top section of the roots is exposed to oxygen gas at regular intervals, while the bottom section of the roots absorbs the nutrient solution. The method is most preferred by hydroponic farmers who grow short-term crops like herbs and leafy greens.


22 May 2017

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