When Is Underpinning Service Required?


There are several construction methods that can be used to repair and reinforce the foundations of existing buildings. Underpinning is one of them. However, it is important to note that underpinning is not always the go-to construction method for making foundation repairs and reinforcements because it is only suited for certain (not all) circumstances.

If you want to know when your building requires underpinning service, you should continue reading on.

When the soil that the building sits on is weak and unstable.

The primary reason for underpinning is when the foundation of an existing building has moved. This usually takes place when the soil on which the building rests has become weak and unstable and therefore can no longer support the weight of the structure. When this happens, it is said that the soil does not have the adequate bearing capacity and underpinning will be required to provide or restore such capacity, making foundations strong and stable again.

The soil beneath a building may become weak or unstable due to natural factors like soil erosion or through the actions of man, say when excavations for underground pipework are made too close to the foundation of a building. 

Buildings whose foundations are unstable due to poor or unstable soils usually show some obvious signs of subsidence, including the floors not being level, the presence of cracks in the walls, openings around window and door framing, leaning on one or more sides of the building, etcetera, etcetera. Therefore, building owners will be sure to know when they are in need of foundation repair. 

When extra bearing capacity is required for building modification purposes.

When building owners need to modify their structures, and the existing foundations are not deep and strong enough to support the total weight of the modified structure, underpinning contractors like Jeffrey Hills and Associates will need to be called to action. Whether you need to build an extra story above or below the ground, underpinning service will be required to provide the extra bearing capacity. But first, you may require the services of a structural engineer to help you determine the bearing capacity required for the modification. 

There are several ways to perform foundation underpinning. The choice of an appropriate underpinning method depends upon the specific requirements of the job. The best way to ensure that your building is underpinned properly when the need arises is to enlist the services of a qualified underpinning contractor.


4 June 2017

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