Get a 'Yes' with a Diamond Engagement Ring

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Some women are fussier than others when it comes to their engagement ring, but there is a universal understanding of quality when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Whether your woman prefers platinum, titanium, silver, white gold, rose gold or a classic yellow gold band, having a diamond setting is the accepted benchmark of quality and taste, signifying luxury and prestige. 

They say diamonds are forever, so there is no better way to signify your commitment to an eternity with your loved one. The diamond ring is therefore both glamorous and the ultimate way to show your commitment to her, but how do you get the right one?

Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

When you start your search for diamond engagement rings, you may well be worried about price. Thankfully, due to the number of different diamond settings and metals available, the cost of your ring can be made more affordable by making careful choices. More than one metal can be used to create the band, which can help you create something more personalised. 

You may also benefit from talking to your jeweller about payment plans, as this will take away the need to pay for the whole cost upfront. 

Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying the perfect diamond engagement ring is important, so it's vital that you do your research. If you have no idea where to start, try searching sites like Pinterest for diamond engagement rings and check out the variety of settings on display. When you find something you love, take it to your favourite jeweller and see if they have something similar in stock or whether they could make something just like it.

Made to order diamond engagement rings are an ideal way of telling your woman just how important she is to you. Unique engagement rings are also ideal for women with a bold sense of style. 

Often diamond engagement rings are designed to sit alongside a matching wedding band as a set. Buying a pair of rings like this could be the perfect way to ensure both of these most important rings look great and can be worn all the time.

Discuss your ring ideas with your jeweller carefully, as you will find that many women prefer classic pieces. Designs that are simple will always stand the test of time, so you can't go wrong with a classic diamond setting. Talk to your jeweller about their most popular setting arrangements, and you'll be sure to buy something timeless and spectacular. 


8 August 2017

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