3 Items You Should Not Place in a Storage Unit


If you operate a business, you may have excess stock or items which you need to keep somewhere. Hiring out storage can be a great way of keeping excess stock safe until you need to replenish your shelves. However, there are some things which are forbidden from most storage units. If you attempt to store these items, you may have to pay a penalty fee, and it is likely that the storage unit will end your contract. To avoid this, you should carefully read the list of items which your storage company prohibits from its units. Below is a guide to 3 items.


Most storage companies do not permit the storage of fireworks in their units. The reason for this is because fireworks are explosive and storing a large quantity of them together generates a significant risk. If a fire breaks out in the storage facility or if the chemicals in the fireworks become unstable, this could result in severe damage to everything which is being stored on site. If you wish to store fireworks, you should seek out a unit which specialises in dangerous goods. These specialist storage units are fitted with extra firefighting features to reduce the level of risk.


Most standard storage companies will not allow you to store food in your hired unit. There are two reasons for this. If the food is fresh, it will quickly become rotten in a standard storage unit. If the food is dry and long-lasting, it may attract pests such as rats and mice. If these rodents enter the unit to access the food, it is highly likely they will also visit other units where they could cause damage to the contents by chewing fabric and leaving droppings and trails of urine. If you plan to store fresh food, you should hire a cooler room from a food storage company. Food storage companies also have units which are designed for dry food.

Hazardous Liquids

Finally, most storage units will not allow you to keep paints, petrol or acid in your storage space. This is because these liquids can generate noxious gas which may build up within the storage centre and damage the health of staff and customers. Also, if liquid petrol or acid leaks out of its container, it may pose a risk to items in nearby units.

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13 November 2017

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