4 Optional Items When Renting Fuel Tanks

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You should find out what optional features are available when you visit fuel tank hire facilities. Select the options that you find most useful for your project. This article discusses some of those optional features that you should consider.

Fuel Meters

It is advisable for you to get as many fuel meters as there are fill points. These meters will help you to keep track of how much fuel has been used by the different pieces of equipment that you have attached to the fill ports on the fuel tank. Adding up the fuel used by each machine or piece of equipment can help you to keep track of how soon you need to refill the tank.

A Pump

You should also consider getting a pump when you hire a fuel tank for use during your project. That pump will make it possible to get fuel to the usage points anywhere at the site. For example, you may wish to move the fuel tank from its original installation site to another safer location. It can be hard to move fuel from that distant location to an elevated point if you don't have a pump to perform that role. Pumps are available in different forms, such as electric, manual or hydraulic versions. Select what is best suited to your needs.

Retractable Hoses

It may also be wise for you to get retractable hose reels when you hire a fuel tank. Those reels will make it easy for you to select the best installation location without being constrained by the need to place the tank near the points of use. The retractable hoses will also make it possible for you to have a safe distance between the machines that will be fueled and the fuel storage tank. This distance can reduce the injuries or damage that can result when an accident, such as a fire, occurs as the machines are being used.

Generator Connectors

Another optional feature that you should consider getting with the fuel tank is a vandal-proof generator connector. This product will allow you to connect your heavy-duty generator directly to the fuel tank in order to avoid the hassles of topping up the fuel in the generator periodically.

Work with the fuel tank hire company to install the optional features that you request for. Their expertise will ensure that nothing goes wrong during the installation process resulting in costly damage to your equipment and the rental tank. For more information, contact companies like Total Generators.


22 January 2018

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