Jetties: How They Prevent Beach Erosion and the Importance of Prevention

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Beach erosion is a big problem, but most people tend to ignore this issue because they think that it is not important. If the beach is not in a good condition, it is something that people should be worried about. The beach has an effect on a state's economy, and most people may not be aware of this fact. People live along the coastlines because of the beaches.

If there is a threat of beach erosion, most people will relocate from the coastlines hence causing a downfall of that place. High winds and tidal currents can worsen erosion. Therefore, it is important that there are measures put in place to prevent erosion. This article emphasises on how jetties are used to prevent beach erosion and why we need to prevent it.

How Jetties Prevent Beach Erosion 

A jetty is a structure that protects the coastline from strong tides and currents. These tides and currents can wash away a beach completely or any properties along the coastline. The materials that are commonly used to make jetties are wood, concrete or stone. Jetties offer protection to the shoreline of the ocean by creating a barrier against erosion caused by currents and waves. Jetties do not allow water to flow freely; therefore, this will prevent the sand carried with the flow from going past the structure.

Sand accumulates behind the jetty and this helps in reversing erosion. Hence, there is more sand behind the jetty for the beach. The design of jetties also prevents sand from getting into a ship channel. Jetties also connect land with deep waters away from the shore. This is important for docking ships and when cargo is being unloaded.

Why It Is Important to Prevent Beach Erosion

Beach erosion can cause many damages, and that is why people need to know how to prevent it. Erosion affects the coastline by eating it away slowly. Your business or home will be in danger if it is near the coastline. This is because erosion will cause the ground under your structure to be eroded away. 

Water could collect on your foundation as a result of erosion. Water will weaken the foundation of your building, or there could be moisture issues in the building if water passes through the porous surface. Repairs involving the foundation of your structure are costly. This is why it is essential to prevent beach erosion because it will, in turn, protect your foundation.


2 December 2018

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