3 Items You Should Not Place in a Storage Unit


If you operate a business, you may have excess stock or items which you need to keep somewhere. Hiring out storage can be a great way of keeping excess stock safe until you need to replenish your shelves. However, there are some things which are forbidden from most storage units. If you attempt to store these items, you may have to pay a penalty fee, and it is likely that the storage unit will end your contract.

13 November 2017

When Is Underpinning Service Required?


There are several construction methods that can be used to repair and reinforce the foundations of existing buildings. Underpinning is one of them. However, it is important to note that underpinning is not always the go-to construction method for making foundation repairs and reinforcements because it is only suited for certain (not all) circumstances. If you want to know when your building requires underpinning service, you should continue reading on.

4 June 2017