Understanding the Various Techniques Involved with Hydroponics

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Hydroponics involves growing different types of plants without the use soil. One may wonder the kind of magic that takes place in order to grow crops in the absence of soil. Hydro generally stands for water while ponos refers to work. This description indicates that the process is highly efficient when it comes to plant cultivation. Hydroponic cultivation is generally conducted in a greenhouse, especially when handling commercial produce. The greenhouse environment has controlled light and humidity levels and can be used to produce various crops such as salad crops, sweet potatoes, melons, peppers, chilies, cucumbers, tomatoes, French beans, onions, lettuce and many other vegetables.

22 May 2017

How to Choose Line Marking Machines

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Line marking machines are a good investment for any rental property owner or for any factory or commercial facility, where you may need to consistently touch up the lines in the parking lot or even inside the facility, on a cement floor. Having the right machine can make quick work of this job, without having to go through cans of aerosol paint or struggling to apply the paint in an even thickness and width.

9 May 2016